Our Mission is to supersede the standard of wood finishing. This is done by empowering the  architectural millwork industry with a superior wood finish, including; adhering to the strict dedication of critical timelines while providing competitive prices and excellent customer service.

RC Finishing will expedite your finishing needs thus providing the ability for your company to create tighter timelines, increase your production and alleviate in house "bottlenecks". This saves your company money and prevents costly finishing mistakes.

We assist the Architectural Millwork Industry, Carpentry Industry, Designers, Architects, Cabinet Makers, and others by relieving them from the technical and difficult task of the wood staining and finishing processes.

RC Finishing provides you a superior stained and finished wood product for you to present to your client. We do not cut corners with our techniques and processes. We strive to complete critical timelines and to provide friendly and fast customer service.

We believe in working closely with our clients with all projects large or small. All projects are equally important to us. We are happy to earn your business by completing your finishing requirements.


"Thank you for expediting my project...I am very appreciative of the service you provide and the professional manner it's provided.  It's becoming more rare these days to find people who do what they promise and in the time frame promised....RC Finishing is one of the only vendors I don't have to follow up on. THANK YOU!"- Paul

“RC Finishing has always provided us with quality finishing services in a timely professional manner. “  -J

"When the best in the industry is what you want!"

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